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What Clients Say

My clients let me know how they feel about the services I provide and the relationships
I have established with them and their precious fur babies. I love getting feedback from my clients so I can tailor
my cat sitting and dog sitting services to their needs. Many of my clients tell me I am a cat whisperer and dog whisperer.

Bailee, Bear & P'Nut


If you are looking for someone to shower your babies with affection and provide excellent care in your absence, Robyn is your person! She is the only person I trust with Bear and P' Nut while I am traveling. They adore her. I do not worry about them while I am gone. She sends me pictures, takes them on fun nature walks, and has even been known to cuddle up and take a nap with them. Both of my pups are rescue dogs and have their share of quirks, Robyn knows how to connect with them instantly. She has been my pet sitter since 2016, first for Bailee and Bear, and now with Bear and P'Nut after Bailee passed. She is patient, dependable, kind, and loves my babies. She has my vote as pet sitter of the year, always!



 Robyn is the best! Run, do not walk your loved friends into her care and be forever spoiled. Many pet sitters cared for Boo over his long life. None became a part of his family except for her. Every time I came home there was something new to enrich his life and sooth my absence. Once it was a brush that he loved and I mean really loved. When I would get home he would perch at their spot and wait for me to take over where she left off. Toys, pet stairs, cat beds all appeared to make his life more wonderful. Then she turned to care for me by sending frequent pictures of their time together. Sometimes enjoying fresh air on the porch, cuddling on the spare bed or playing dress up. She gives so much more than the simple feeding and cleaning up of our pets. She gives a true love for them and they do not come any better. You will never regret it.
(Boo has crossed the Rainbow Bridge)

Scooby, Daisy, Precious


I have been using Robyn’s Pet TLC for several years now. Robyn is the most wonderful, caring, professional and loving pet sitter. I use her to care for my three cats (Scooby, Daisy and Precious) every time I am out-of-town. Every single visit Robyn sends a photo of my fur babies and sends a text message to to let me know how the visit went.
I trust Robyn completely to have access to my home which is also important. She is very professional and is open to any special requests. You can tell her primary concern is keeping the pets on as normal a schedule as possible. Robyn provides great, friendly service at affordable prices. I wouldn’t use anyone else to care for my three fur babies.

Mattie, Sheba. Sasha


We can't say thanks enough for the excellent care you have given each of my pups Sheba, Sasha and Mattie.
Over the years the time you've put into walking, feeding and play have helped keep me at peace knowing they are in such great and capable hands.
The special times when you took the funny photos on Halloween, Valentines and Christmas to send us meant a lot for us to look back on. Also, on those rare occasions when they were not well and you nursed them back with your care and attention - even going as far as helping transport them to the vet on our behalf.
Thank you for your kindness and love to my best buddies - Sheba, Sasha and Mattie.
(Sheba and Sasha have crossed the rainbow bridge.)

Sammy & Frankie


Robyn Etheridge of Robyn's Pet TLC has cat sat for me over the last 5 years. She is warm, dependable and and has taken excellent care of my babies, Sammy and Frankie. Robyn always sends pictures and texts each time she is at the house in addition to writing a jounal daily about the behavior of my boys. She has brought toys for them to play with and brushes them both though Frankie likes it best. If something unexpected occurs, Robyn has been great at troubleshooting and doesn't hesitate to call or text if there is a problem. I cannot recommend her more strongly to be your pet sitter, She won't disappoint.

Lexz & Leo


Robyn is an amazing pet care giver/walker. She is caring, knowledgeable, and supportive of the pet family dynamic. We trust Robyn without hesitaton to come into our home and to take wonderful care of our pups. It is heartwarming to see how enthusistically our pups, Leo and Lexz, welcome her when they see her for waks or visits. We highly recommend her for your pet care giving/walking needs.
(Leo has crossed the Rainbow Bridge)

Heidi, Charlie, & Gizmo


I have used Robyn since 2015 for my dog Charlie and cats, Gizmo and Heidi. She has been absolutely amazing ! She pays great attention to my pets and I'm pretty sure Charlie Is more excited to see her than me. She was there through the passing of Gizmo and helped Heidi come out of her shell. I highly recommend Robyn for any of your pet needs.
(Photo by Heather)

Feisti & Bali


My family and I would recommend Robyn to pet sit your fur babies when you are away. She is compassionate about her job, reliable, trustworthy and very competent to care for your pets and make them feel loved. She keeps in touch with you while you are away with pictures and updates on your pets until your return, which gives you a great sense of peace! She even keeps a journal each day for you to review! She is absolutely the best hands down!!!

Coal, Troon & Whiskey


Robyn's Pet TLC is the cure for any pet owner's worry about leaving their pet while away at work or vacation. Robyn is a key member of Coal, Whiskey and Troon's family and they love seeing her. The care she gives is second to none and we appreciate all the notes and pictures and her flexibiity (thanks to our crazy schedules).

Gilly & Kingsley

Becki & Jack

Robyn has been taking care of our babies since 2014 and I I wish I had the words to describe how truly valuable her visits have meant to our family. First off, I’m probably one of the most persnickety fur baby mammas you’ll ever meet, so trusting someone to take care of our little dogs took time for me. Robyn never let us down. Always on time, food and meds prepared exactly as I would do, and communication with photos every day we were gone. I can truthfully write she has gone above and beyond in her time with our babies. I cannot recommend Robyn’s services highly enough.

Nonie & Prissy


 I recall the opportunity I had to go to Spain in 2019 like it was yesterday. I was terrified to leave Prissy, Otis and Nonnie alone with someone I did not know much less have them in my home. Boy did I find an angel in Robyn. She understood my fears and concerns and never made me feel as if I was overreacting. She came over twice before I left for my nine-day trip to Spain to let the babies get use to her. She even left her shirt for them to smell because animals learn who you are by scent. My big boy Otis has always been a shy guy. Otis hid for most of my trip but she would send me daily texts on how each visit went so I knew he was eating even if he wasn’t ready to show his face. It was so reassuring to have texts along with pictures of them looking content and relaxed. On my last day in Spain, shy Otis finally came out and let her pet him. She has been part of our family ever since! I lost poor Prissy in 2020 and she came by to say goodbye. She is like family and I do not know what I would do without her. Otis, Nonnie, and new baby Marco love their God mother Robyn.
Forever grateful,

Dove, Lacy & Peaches

Ron & Kerrie

We feel very comfortable leaving our cats in the care of Robyn. She not only does the basic needs for them, but also spends time to interact with them. We get updates from her daily which puts our minds at ease. We trust her with our pets and our home. Thank you Robyn for taking care of our girls like they were your own,
(Photo by Kerrie)

Stanley & Bree

Julie, Dan & Dylan

Robyn has been a part of our family (truly) for over eight years. From day one she has been there, going above and beyond, for Stanley and Bree. And I know some of the things she has done are beyond what would be in her job description. Robyn has helped us with last minute schedule changes, has met me at the vet when one of our dogs wasn't doing well, and was a tremendous help when we transitioned from a family of just fur babies to an actual baby! My husband works an atypical schedule, and I honestly would be lost without Robyn. She provides me with peace of mind and greatly enhances Stanley and Bree's quality of life. I thank the universe every day that we found each other.
(Stanley has crossed the rainbow bridge.)
Both are rescues


Tammy & Russ

The best thing about Robyns TLC is that Tender Loving Care is exactly what our Jake gets. There is nothing more reassuring than seeing our pet with a big grin just because Robyn is with him.
Robyn is very professional and detailed re the care given. She considers pet needs and makes special effort to meet those needs. If a storm is coming, and time allows, she has spent extra time with Jake to ensure he feels secure. She detected a blossoming ear infection once and let us know so treatment could begin immediately.
I’m always a bit worried when we leave tiny, baby, 78pd puppy, Jake, until I know Robyn has come for visit #1. Then I know Jake’s buddy will be seeing him. I know Jake considers Robyn one of his people. Robyn sends pictures of him at home or during walks and comments often to let us know that Jake is doing fine and is happy.
As a bonus, Robyn will bring in mail, water indoor plants, and leave notes about her visits. In short, Robyn is “the best.” We are fortunate to have her as our pet sitter.

Momo & Ollie


Robyn has been taking care of my pets for a few years and I have been happy with her. She has done dog walking for DeeDee and has done pet sitting for my three cats while I am away, My cats are not the easiest to take care of because they all get different foods and one of them is on daily medication but Robyn has done a great job with them. One of my cats is shy and she's taken the time to get him comfortable with her. Also I appreciate the daily pictures and updates. I would recommend Robyn.


Buddy & T'ai Ji

My own pets

Service in parts of Suffolk, Chesapeake and Portsmouth, VA

I limit my area to approximately 10 miles around my home in North Suffolk so I can get to your cats and dogs quickly.
I sit for pets in North Suffolk, Harborview, Churchland, Western Branch, Dock Landing, Chesapeake Square, Cedar Point and Driver.