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Little Bird

Services and Pricing

Information about the services the pet sitter provides and how much those services cost.
Pet sit services will be tailored according to your individual pets' needs. 

Pet Sits

In your home, while you're away

$20.00/Per 30 Minute Visit

All visits include lots of Love and Exercise for up to two pets.  More pets may incur extra fees. I love , feed, brush, cuddle, talk to, massage, play with, scoop poop, give some medications and reassure your pet. 

No extra fee for fish, small reptiles, small birds and animals like rabbits, Guinea pigs and hamsters if I'm already there visiting cats or dogs.

First Meet & Greet is Free.
There is no obligation at this meet up.
I come to your house to meet you and your pets and learn about your pets' needs. If your pets are on medication I would like to coordinate this M&G with their medication time so you can show me how you do it.

Make your reservations early, especially during holidays.
($10 surcharge over usual fees for each of the following holidays - Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day)

Please read business details page for more information.

Dog Walks

Leashed walks in your neighborhood

$20.00/Per Walk (approx 30 min.)

Weekday walks for up to two dogs in the same household at a time.
More dogs may incur extra fees.
Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated, have a halter and walk well on a leash, no pulling or jumping or aggression towards people or other dogs.

In wet weather I dry them and wash their feet before coming back inside.  I do not walk during storms or excessivley hot days but I will get them out to potty and then play with them inside.

First Meet & Greet is Free
There is no obligation at this meet up.
I come to your house to get familiar with you and your dogs and to go on a practice walk with you.

If I'm sitting for your dog, walks are included as part of that service.

Please read business details page for more information.

BG & Jennie

BG and Jennie belong to 2 related clients. When mother and daughter traveled together I got to visit these two. BG is a laid-back beauty and Jennie thinks she's a big dog.
(BG crossed the rainbow bridge)


Chloe is a pretty poser. Once when I visited her I searched for 15 minutes before finally finding her, invisibly perched in plain sight on a shelf of Disney toys, just quietly watching me franctically call her name. 


Max loved to hang in his yard enjoying the flower garden. He was diabetic and required insulin shots for a while. He was always a brave little trooper about shot time and did not hold a grudge.
(Max has crossed the rainbow bridge.)


P'Nut joined his current family after his mom died and Debbie lost Bailee. Debbie gave P'Nut a forever home with her other Doxy, Bear, who was also grieving for Bailee. P'Nut was a bit anxious at first but feels more safe and secure as time goes by. He now knows he is in his forever home.

Baily & Layla

Their favorite place to chill is in the flower garden. I bring a chair out there too and help them watch the neighborhood.


Belongs to a wonderful woman who rescues abandoned longhairs. She has as many as 10 at a time, a couple of which are so shy I have never seen them. Many longhairs get abandoned when their owners realize how much work it is to keep their coats brushed and healthy.


Part of a group of ferals cared for by a kind man. They now have housing and regular food and are safe off the streets. They watch me carefully as I feed them and clean their domain furnished with cat perches, cat trees, hideouts, many enrichment activities and litter boxes.


Eisley was adopted by a couple who always have at least 2 rescues. Eisley has crossed the rainbow bridge but that gorgeous little mug of his will never be forgotten. I still visit his house to care for Kingsley and Gilly.

Service in parts of Suffolk, Chesapeake and Portsmouth, VA

I limit my area to approximately 10 miles around my home in North Suffolk so I can get to your dogs and cats quickly.
I sit for pets in North Suffolk, Harborview, Churchland, Western Branch, Dock Landing, Chesapeake Square, Cedar Point and Driver.