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The Business End
and Details

Getting To Know You...
Information and policies that will create and facilitate a good relationship between you, the pet owner, and me, the pet sitter,
and your furry, feathered, fishy loved ones.

Captain Jack

Many of my dog and cat sit clients also have fish, birds and small mammals. This sweet goldie enjoys seasonal decorations in his tank. I take basic care of mini-pets free if I'm already there visiting cats and dogs.


I have spent many evenings with Sprout gazing at the Elizabeth River. Sometimes we go for walks together in the yard and even to the end of his dock if it is not windy. We have enjoyed many a breakfast and dinner together on his patio or in his yard.


One of my very first fur clients, Sarah, stayed with me for a month while her owner went from Carolina to Russia to visit his family. She loved the screened in porch and her private dining and litter area. She was great buddies with my previous dog, Sidney. I still get updates about her adventures.


Roger has quite the following on my FB petsitter page. At first glance you might think he was gangsta' but after a few initial scratches he has become a love bug. We often sit on the porch among the flowers and he now even spends some time on my lap. One of his fans (who is another of my clients) says she imagines him with a cigar and a brandy snifter awaiting his butler to bring him his smoking jacket. Wait a minute. . . that's me! I'm Roger's butler!

Information I Will Need

      Robyn's Pet TLC LLC will bring these forms for you to fill out at our Meet and Greet.

      I will need the following information for each pet

Name of pets, species, breed, color.
Age. weight, sex.
Neutered/Spayed .

Microchip #
Rabies ID #
City Tag #
Must show proof of vaccines.

List Allergies and Phobias.

Medications and medicine schedules and dosages.

Type of food.     Amounts.     Schedules.     Treats allowed?

Are your pets escape artists?

Has pet EVER bitten a person or another dog?

How does your pet react when meeting people and dogs?

Dogs must be able to walk on a slack leash and not charge at other dogs or at people.

You must share with me any agression issues your dog has with other dogs. I need to know if he shows agression around his food or toys.

Please also share me any bumps, skin tags or scars your dog already has.

Things your pet likes, ie, head scratched, belly rubbed.

Things your pet dislikes, ie, thunder.

Favorite hiding places, toys, games.

Where are his brushes, leash, crate, towels, meds?

Name of veterinarian with address and phone number.
Date of most recent "wellness checkup".
I will need to see the vet records.

Client should have a local vet I can get to quickly should the need arise.
Name of emergency vet,
RPTLC LLC recommends The Cove Vets in N Suffolk

Call your vet to let them know your pet is in mycare and I am authorized to seek treatment,
I will do my best to contact you first.

Name of a "pet guardian", a local person who is authorized to come into your house and/or take care of your pets in an emergency.

      Information about you and your house

Full names of all pet owners.
Physical address.
Email address.
Cell phone numbers.

Emergency numbers for house maintenance (in event of flood etc).
Security Entrance Codes if applicable.
Locations of water shut-off,
                       gas shut-off,
                       electrical panel,
                       fire extinguisher.
Location of cleaning supplies and pet towels.

Trash collection schedule, if applicable.

Please give my information to your community security where applicable so they will know I am authorized to be at your house.

Please give my information to a family member who would be contacted in the event something happens to you and instruct them to call me to continue caring for your pet until other arrangements are made.

    Cancellation fees

I do not charge cancellation fees except on holidays, I know life changes rapidly and emergencies arise but please be respectful of my time. During busy periods I eventually have to turn clients away to make sure I leave plenty of quality time for each client already on my books. When you cancel at the last minute it may be too late to offer your spot to someone else. Let me know as soon as you know.


I am the sole owner/operator. This means your pets will see me at each visit every day! That helps your pet become bonded with me over time. They will not be visited by multiple people over the duraton of the contract and your pets come to think of me as a family member.  The only exception would be if I were to become incapacitated, in which case, my sister will take over whatever visits I am unable to do. (You would be notified first.) 
I also belong to a small Hampton Roads group of licensed, insured pet sitters, who I trust with my own pets, if you should ever need a recommendation.


       RPTLLLC refers to pet sitter. CLIENT refers to pet owner
       RPTLCLLC is licensed and insured and agrees to provide services in a reliable, trustworthy and caring manner.  
•  RPTLCLLC encourages CLIENT to make many notes about their pets' habits and care. The more I know about your pet the better I can make them feel comfortable and safe while you are away.
•  If CLIENT will be out of town RPTLCLLC will water plants if they are on waterproof saucers, RPTLCLLC will also toggle lights and window coverings, pick up mail and newspapers, take trash cans to the curb and back. You need to let RPTLLC know all these things. Write them down.
•  CLIENT must have ownership or written legal rights to place pets in the care of pet sitters, kennels, groomers, and veterinary clinics. RPTLCLLC cannot service a home with “visiting” pets or animals without separate sets of agreement forms. All forms must be signed and accepted by the RIGHTFUL owner of the visiting pets.
•  CLIENT must leave enough food, litter, and allowed treats. If you have CATS the litter box must be clean and filled with fresh dry litter at my first visit. 
•  CLIENT must supply prefered carpet and floor cleaners and/or paper towels to clean pet messes.
•  CLIENT understands that all pets (where appropriate) must have a veterinarian and be currently vaccinated.
•  CLIENT is responsible for adhering to all national, state, and local animal laws and ordinances.
•  RPTLCLLC highly recommends that CLIENT have pet(s) microchipped for identification purposes, even if not required by law. A collar and ID tag should be provided and used. (I prefer a halter.) A rabies vaccine tag should also be affixed to the collar. RPTLC will not walk dogs off property unless they are legal.. Allowances made for older dogs who will not be walked off-property.
•  CLIENT must make RPTLCLLC aware of ALL pets in the household, including small animals, fish, and outdoor pets.
•  If CLIENT’s trip is extended, CLIENT agrees to contact RPTLCLLC twentyfour HOURS before the last scheduled date of service. CLIENT also agrees to telephone RPTLCLLC when they return home. If contact is not made, RPTLCLLC will reserve the right to continue service for the safety of the pets, billing the CLIENT for the additional visits.  If RPTLCLLC makes an additional visit and CLIENT is home but did not call or text, CLIENT will be charged for that visit.
•  RPTLCLLC recommends that CLIENT give PET SITTER’s contact info to other members of their family or to a friend who can contact PET SITTER in the event something should happen to CLIENT so PET SITTER knows to continue to provide care past contracted date.
•  It is RPTLCLLC policy not to discuss details of CLIENT’s absence with anyone, except in the case of an emergency. CLIENT may wish to contact the police department and/or their alarm company, and community security (if applicable) to inform them of their absence and the presence of RPTLCLLC at the home. Feel free to give my phone number to your security, your family, and a trusted neighbor in case they need to contact me in an emergency.
•  RPTLCLLC WILL NOT agree to only one visit a day for dogs if the CLIENTS are not going to be there in that day. (Even twice daily visits, which are spaced approximately 12 hours apart, is a very long time to leave a dog indoors.) RPTLCLLC recommends at least 3 visits for dogs for any full day. RPTLCLLC will agree to 1 visit a day for cats, fish and reptiles only. RPTLCLLC will agree to 1 visit a day for a dog only if it’s a partial day and CLIENT will be there other times in the day.
•  RPTLCLLC can not guarantee specific time slots, but will make every effort to keep the pets close to their usual schedules. A 2-3 hour window is acceptable, except in the case of pets that require medication at specific time (in which case a one hour window is acceptable). Pet sitting hours fall between the hours of 7am and 9pm. (Special arrangements can be made for late night visits and overnight stays. There are additional fees for these services.)
•  RPTLCLLC will not walk unruly/untrained dogs, or dogs that choke themselves on their leash. RPTLCLLC will not walk dogs off the owners property without a current city license, ID tag and rabies vaccine tag affixed to pet's collar. RPTLCLLC will not walk dogs in stormy weather or during holidays when fireworks may be discharged. Walks during the summer may be shortened due to excessive heat. PET SITTER will still spend the time with the pet, but indoors.
•  No dogs will be allowed to roam or be allowed off a leash under any circumstances while outside in unfenced areas or off the CLIENT’s property. If CLIENT has an invisible fence, dogs will still not be allowed to roam free within invisible fence—they must be leashed, as per my insurance requirements.
•  RPTLCLLC does not accept any responsibility for security of the premises or loss/damage to personal property if other individuals have access to the CLIENT’s home, or if the home is not properly secured by CLIENT while pet sitter is providing service. CLIENT must tell RPTLCLLC if other people will be at their home during my contracted time. 
•  RPTLCLLC shall not be held responsible or liable for the loss, injury or death of any pet(s) that the CLIENT has let outside or has instructed the sitter or a third party to allow outside unsupervised and/or without a leash (whether in a fenced or unfenced area). It is solely the CLIENT’s responsibility to pet-proof any areas of the home and/or property to which the pet has access. This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates, latches, doors, and other devices meant to contain the pet or restrict access to specific areas. Outdoor gates must be secured with a lock.
•  RPTLCLLC does NOT assume responsibility and is not liable for any injuries the pet may sustain or property damage the pet may cause while in its own home/property. CLIENT must advise RPTLCLLC of any difficulties previously encountered from neighbors, their children, or their pets, or from former Pet Sitters in relation to CLIENT’s pets.
•  RPTLCLLC is authorized to seek any emergency veterinarian assistance needed during visits, at the cost of the CLIENT, from any veterinarian as chosen by the sitter, should CLIENT’s own vet not be available. RPTLCLLC will, of course, make an effort to contact the CLIENT before veterinary care is sought, but reserves the right to have pets treated, in the event the CLIENT and their emergency contact is unreachable.
•  CLIENT will be responsible for ALL medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to pet sitter, or other persons, by the pet(s).
•  RPTLCLLC reserves the right to terminate this contract if the PET SITTER believes the pet to be a danger or if any of the information provided about the pets is not true. In that case, CLIENT authorizes pet to be boarded at a kennel or veterinarian, with all charges (including transport, kenneling, etc.) to be paid by CLIENT.
•  In case of a PET SITTER’s personal emergency, family crisis, illness, or injury, RPTLCLLC will make every effort to contact the client, then call the emergency pet guardian. If neither is available, RPTLCLLC will take the pets to a boarding facility. In this case, RPTLCLLC will apply any unused fees to the boarding facility and CLIENT will be solely responsible for the remaining cost of the boarding facility.
•  All unscheduled/unplanned fees (emergency pet taxi, last-minute potty breaks, having to replenish food or need supplies,  extra vsits, etc.) are due when the CLIENT returns home.
•  All charges are due and payable in advance. (Existing CLIENTS in good standing may leave check for sitter except Holiday sitting which must be paid in advance.) There will be a non-refundable deposit for holiday pet sitting. Forms of payment accepted: cash (in person only), and checks. Please make checks payable to: Robyn’s Pet TLC LLC.
•  RPTLCLLC agrees that all information provided by the Client will be held in strict confidence, and all inactive CLIENT records will be securely destroyed.
•  Robyn's Pet TLC LLC does not provide house sitting services, but I will make sure your house and pets are secure before I leave after each visit. 

   I, Robyn Etheridge, of RPTLCLLC, am in this business because I love animals. The hardest part of my job is leaving a Pet’s home after a visit. I will give your pet(s) lots of love, play time and reassurance and do my best to make sure they are fed, secure and safe before I leave. Thank you for entrusting your pets to me. I DO NOT consider a CLIENT’s checking up on their pets to be an imposition. As a pet owner, I know what a giant leap of faith it is to leave your pets at home in someone else’s care.

(pet owner/clients signature and date)

(names of pets RPTLCLLC has been hired to care for according to these terms) 


I've always loved this photo I took of Toby watching for her mom's car. She has an allergy to grass and has to have her feet washed when she comes in. Then she just wants to snuggle or chase her favorite toy. 


Nothing "little" about this sweet little girl. She's 80 pounds of muscle but a total sweetheart. Ellie likes long walks and doesn't care if it's raining but she's particular about walking in the yard if the grass is wet. Ever see a dog tip toe? LOL She lives with 2 cats, Ruby and Bud who are shy with me but who love her.


Young Lucy loves her walks around the golf course and along the river. She is crazy about her toys too and plays an intense game of keep-away. Once she's tired she will finally consent to a bit of cuddling. 


Dutch and I usually explored a park near his home most weekdays, in snow, rain, and shine. He loved stretching out on snow banks. He was the most affable dog I've ever met.
(Dutch has crossed the rainbow bridge.)

Service in parts of Suffolk, Chesapeake and Portsmouth, VA

I limit my area to approximately 10 miles around my home in North Suffolk so I can get to your cats and dogs quickly.
I sit for pets in North Suffolk, Harborview, Churchland, Western Branch, Dock Landing, Chesapeake Square, Cedar Point and Driver.