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About Robyn

Who I am and what I stand for is why I am good at what I do.
These are the reasons why I chose to be a catsitter and dogsitter.


Cooling off after a short walk on a hot summer day. Stanley was one of my first customers in 2013 and has, sadly, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2020. I still visit his little "sister", Bree who is a rescue from Katrina. Stan and Bree and I had many adventures and Bree and I still enjoy the park together,


One of my "stranger-danger" cat sits. She's a recent rescue and still likes to eat under the bed where she feels safe. I sit nearby and talk softly so she can get used me in her own time. I'm definitely using my "cat whisperer" credentials with Precious.  (On my most recent visit she came out from under the bed and was very timidly socializing with me and the other 2 kitties but she just could not resist chasing "Da Bird" toy so I think we made a breakthrough.)

T'ai Ji

My own cat eating on his private dining table, out of Buddy's reach. He loves his cat grass. Between his 7 foot climbing tree, many beds and hideaways, and his perches on the screened in back porch he's maybe just a little bit spoiled


An angel who has no problem trying on whatever hat there is at hand. She knows she looks good in everything. Here she is at Halloween in one of her mom's decorations. She's cuddly and soft and loves to be brushed and massaged.


Hi, I am Robyn! 

I’m a lifetime animal lover. Growing up, my family and neighbors called me Ellie May and summoned me whenever there was a stray cat or dog in need or even a snake to be moved out of harm’s way. Most of my own pets have been rescues.
I spent 30 years working in the service industry, I’ve lived and worked in N Suffolk since 2000 and in 2013 began to rethink my life and decided it was my time, time to “DO WHAT YOU LOVE!”
The most obvious choice for me was pet sitting, not only helping pets feel loved, reassured and well cared for when you have to be away from home, but also helping you be able to relax and enjoy your vacations or be able to fully focus on your business and/or other commitments while you are out of town. You can return home refreshed and guilt-free knowing your pets have been loved and entertained as well as properly cared for and your house is secure. As a pet owner/home owner myself I know what a relief that is.
I invested my time and my money to insure my success at this new venture. I joined National Pet Sitting Associations for advice and education, took a pet first aid course, joined a local 757 association of licensed pet sitters for networking, got a business license, a business bank account, an LLC designation and bought pet sitters’ insurance. I set up a tent in local fairs to meet prospective clients. Also, very soon after opening, I invested in a pet friendly vehicle. 

Robyn’s Pet TLC LLC is owner/operated. Now, in 2022, I have seen many of the same cats and dogs for almost 10 years and have established strong bonds with those pets. Some of my clients call me to make sure I’m available before they make their vacations plans. (I do have that local 757 pet sitter association to rely on for those who need a recommendation for a professional if I’m on my vacation.)

It's important to me to be able to get to your cats and dogs quickly and not spend more time in my car than I get to spend with my furclients. For those reasons I have chosen to limit my area of service to my neighborhood, roughly a 10 mile radius around where I live in North Suffolk. This includes the Churchland and Western Branch neighborhoods of Portsmouth, the Western Branch and Dock Landing neighborhoods of Chesapeake, and the Harbourview, Driver, and Cedar Point areas of North Suffolk.

It's my habit to speak and walk softly and those qualities have served me well while petsitting. Even older and skittish pets come to feel safe in my care. I understand “stranger danger’ cats. Sure, I’d like to pet and cuddle them all but I understand there are a few who would rather we love each other from a distance and I respect their safe spaces. I find out as much as I can about your pets and your relationships with them at our first meeting and on an on-going basis so I can keep up their regular, familar routines while you are away.
Text or call 757 508-3798

Buddy & Girlie

Playing with Girlie and my rescue, Buddy, in one of our rare snows. They were so excited! And so exhausted at the end of their romp. They both slept like logs that night.
(Photo by Marie)


Entertaining Dove while her humans are out-of-town. She is a rescue and a photogenic sweetie pie who was picked to be a spokes-meowdel for the rescue organization she was adopted from. She lives with her kitty sisters, Lacey & Peaches.

Buddy & Sandy

Taking Sandy and my Buddy to the park. Sandy is quite the little hiker and has no problem keeping up with the big dogs. Her human saw Sandy's photo pop up on a rescue site as 'now adoptable' and she drove over hours before they opened so she would be first in line to give this sweet pup her forever home.

Charlie & Buddy

Charlie and my Buddy safely lit up for a night stroll. Charlie is a Schipperke and has become my Buddy's Mini-Me when they are together.
(That is Charlie and Buddy at the top of my "Details and Business End" page.)
(Charlie has moved out-of-state and both Buddy and I miss him. We still get notes and photos of him and his cat sister, Heidi.

Service in parts of Suffolk, Chesapeake and Portsmouth, VA

I limit my area to approximately 10 miles around my home in North Suffolk so I can get to your cats and dogs quickly.
I sit for pets in North Suffolk, Harborview, Churchland, Western Branch, Dock Landing, Chesapeake Square, Cedar Point and Driver.